Monday, May 20, 2013

The Elegance of Masculine Beauty: Hollywood Inspiration for My Photography/Illustration Project

My new art project, The Elegance of Masculine Beauty, focuses on photographing and illustrating elegant masculine figures. My inspiration comes from the Silent Era, Golden Age of Hollywood, and the history of menswear design which focuses the unique characteristics of the masculine physique, all contribute to my vision of the beauty of the masculine form.

Let's start with sex symbol, Rudolph Valentino. He was known as the "Latin Lover" of early film. His features are smooth features and sultry looks all wonderfully captured in these black and white photographs.

Sultry publicity shot for "Son of the Sheik" (1926). Pre-code Hollywood.
This facial angle would repeat itself for male actors throughout the 20th century and beyond; it utilizes the male brow ridge in order to emphasize shading of the eyes, thus creating a trompe l'oeil of deeper eyes. Quite a dramatic effect. See below for pics of Johnny Depp, River Pheonix, DiCaprio, and others.

Rudoph Valentino (1895 - 1926)
James Dean 
I want to go back in time and have James Dean be my artist model. Look at this exquisite poses! The distinctive blond hair, the slender and elegant figure, the dramatic angles. An artist's dream to get such character in a pose.

Rare James Dean Footage (including pool game & car racing)

Below: lounging on a sofa, first in color, then in b/w. One of my favourite pics of Dean; such a beautiful pose. What visual artist could resist sketching these?

Little known fact, James Dean left us plenty of his work on TV (theatrical dramas and commercials), and is best remembered for his three films. 
Rebel Without a Cause as Jim Stark
East of Eden as Cal Trask
Giant as Jett Rink
(1931 - 1955)

Roger Moore

Roger Moore as Sherlock Holmes...classic!

Johnny Depp


Ryan Matthew and Benedict Cumberbatch look alike from certain angles

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