Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fashion Design and Costuming (Fantasy, Period, Ancient, Character, Eccentric, SciFi, etc)

I've studied Fashion Design in New York, Berlin, and Chicago. I specialize in period wardrobe for men & women. I've created everything from Ancient Egyptian, through Medieval, Victorian, 1920s Flapper, to 1980s New Wave. Men's & Women's wear. As a veteren NYC Underground Club-kid (a la Michael Alig /Tunnel scene). I indulge in eccentric unique,one-of-a-kind designs which capture both the Surrealist spirit and by-gone Zeitgeists.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Strange Interlude: SURREALIST NEWS: HYPNAGOGIC TELEGRAM (my band) is GOING VIRAL w/ Chaplin dance. New album out soon. New videos, incl How to Remember Dreams (surrealist tips) & songs soon on YOUTUBE. Johnny Depp inspired Character Morphing w/ every song. Here is us doing CHAPLIN DANCE to backdrop of George Melies 1902 film Trip to the Moon (as seen in Hugo film). "Like" us on FACEBOOK
 Lewis Carroll, Dr Who, Dream, & Fortean inpired tunes. Multi-lingual (English, German, Russian, Lithuanian) tunes. Silent film inspired dances. Trock. Member of Chicago Surrealist Group, Lewis Carroll Society of North America. Lietuvaite soka kaip Chaplin.
Steampunk Invasion @ Bristol RenFair

Portage Theater (built 1920). For screening of "The Artist" I came as a Flapper & danced w/ the ever-stylish Jacob on stage as theme song of film played 20 min loop!
With "Time Crash" doctor Who tribute band Dave Kitsberg & his "GuiTardis." The scarf I knit myself.

Madame de Pompadour for Halloween 2008
Looking like a granny from the 50s. The hat, coat, bracelet, and earrings are vintage from that era.
Look inspired by Edith Head designs in classic films of the 50s. Hat, umbrella, coat, & shoes are vintage from that era.

In turn-of-the-century store. Reminded me of silent films w/ Buster Keaton & Fatty Arbuckle.

This scarf is my design. I constructed it from various silk, satin, and velvet ribbons in a diagonal weave design.

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