Monday, May 20, 2013

The Elegance of Masculine Beauty: Photography & Film

My long-term project of rendering the male figure in photography & illustration. The Golden Age of Hollywood and beyond as my inspiration (Valentino to James Dean, onto Depp and Cumberbatch).

These photos were taken at the Portage Theater in Chicago. Built in 1920, it is an architectural landmark. Charlie Chaplin's "Great Dictator" premiered there in 1942. "Public Enemies" used the theater in lieu of the Biograph Theater for the interior scenes with Johnny Depp playing Dillenger.

Here are the period photos I made inside the theater. Followed by other photos with my artist models.
Dancing on stage at the Portage Theater to the tune of "The Artist" (film directed by Hazanavicius)  

In the foyer of Portage Theater.
A fellow 99% Protester. Socially conscious with a sense of "young Depp" style. 

Surrealist short film of flapper dance on stage @ Portage Theater (built 1920)

Stay tuned...many more photos coming throughout the Summer.

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  1. I wish to be a nude model. How do I go about this? I want people to paint nude portraits of me. Maybe a statue.


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