Saturday, November 23, 2013

Surrealist Wholock Dance to Celebrate 50th...Female Doctor Who

At last, a female doctor! Daina Surrealism live her trock band, Hypnagogic Telegram. This is what happens when you let a Chicago Surrealist Group member and cosplay enthusiast raid a closet.

My performance art band, Hypnagogic Telegram, did a Wholock dance to celebrate the big Half Century of the centuries old Timelord. A rare drag performance. In our shows, I play a TARDIS Zeitgeist who comes out of the Blue Box in period costumes, sings in a multitude of languages (my chameleon circuit is broken!), and dances in by-gone era moves. The Doctress Who coat is a vintage double-breasted wool piece, a lovely hybrid of Tom Baker and other doctors.

As a linguist, I savour the chance to sing in English, German, Lithuanian, Russian, and Spanish. I am a member of the Chicago Surrealist Group. Founded in 1966 by Chicagoans Penelope and Franklin Rosemont (who befriended André Breton  and formed the first surrealist group in America), the group remains active and continues to collaborate with other surrealists around the globe. I am organizing a batch of surrealists from multiple countries to collectively produce a work of gratitude in honour of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice in Wonderland (in 2015).

This Chaplin Dance, accompanied by French lyrics, is going viral on youtube. Check out or Facebook page.

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